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Designers and Producers of Customized Service Facilities
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Facility planning and design take on new meaning at Equipment Solutions. Gone are the days when you buy products from one source, designs from another, financing from another and equipment training from yet somewhere else. Our services provide comprehensive End-to-End support for your service department starting with initial consultation, collaborative planning with architects and contractors, through installation and long term support. This service assures that your service department and equipment are optimized for efficient productivity. Whatever part of the process that can be encountered, we cover it, top to bottom

We Offer:
> Customized CAD drawings
> Equipment layout consultation
> Performance critical equipment
   recommended and installed
> Complete price proposals with
   freight and installation
> Volume purchase discounting
> Coordination of equipment delivery
> Multiple finance and payment options
> Parts Billing
> Equipment training for technicians
> Post-sale service support

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    > Higher profits
    > Customer satisfaction
    > Technical retention
    > Higher productivity
    > Higher efficiency

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